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Battambang Province 2 Day 1 Night

About Battambange Province 

Cambodia’s second largest city lies in the heart of the Northwest and until the war years was the leading rice-producing province of the country. Battambang did not give way to the Khmer Rouge movement until after the fall of Phnom Penh, but it’s been in the center of the ongoing government Khmer Rouge conflict ever since the Vietnamese invasion in 1979 pushed the genocidal regime out of Phnom Penh and to the Northwest.

Until the surrender deal of Ieng Sary (Khmer Rouge number three man based in Pailin),Battambang was the Khmer Rouge in the region. Earlier history saw Battambang flip-flopping back and forth between Thailand (called Siam before their 20th-century renaming) and Cambodia.


Tourist Attraction:

1-Barseat Temple

Was built during the reign of King, Soriyak Varman I (1002-1050) and located on a hill at Ba Set village, Ta Pun commune in 15 kilometer distance from the provincial town. Ba Set temple adapts the architecture of 11th century and built in 1036 and 1042. Next to the temple, there is a pond having 20 meter length 12 meter width and 10 meter depth. The pond is never dried, though in the dry season. In rainy season, the water level is higher than usual.

 2-Wat Ek Temple

Adapts the architecture of 11th century and built in 1027 during the reign of King, Sorayak Varman I (1002-1050). It is located at Piem Ek commune in 14 kilometer from the provincial town.

 3-Ba Nan Temple

Adapts the architecture of mid-11th century and the end of 12th century the temple was first built by King, Ut Tak Yea Tit Tya Varman II (1050-1066) and was built finally built by the king, Jarvarman VII (1181-1219). The temple is located on the top of approximate 400 meter heighten mountain at Koh Tey 2 commune, Ba Nan District in 15 kilometer distance from the provincial town by the provincial Road No 155 parallel to Sang Ke River. At the mountain’s valley, there are Ku Teuk and two main natural well, namely: Bit Meas and Chhung or Chhung Achey.

4-Phnom Sam Pov Resort

Is the natural resort located along the National Road No 57 (the former National Road No10) at Sam Puoy commune (the high land having more than 100 meter height) in 12 kilometer distance from the provincial town of Battambang. On the top of Sam Puoy Mountain, there are temple and three natural wells, namely Pkar Slar, Lo Khuon and Ak So Pheak. Next to Sam Puoy Mountain, there are some main mountains, the natural site like Phnom Trung Moan, Phnom Trung Tea and Phnom Neang Rum Say Sork. These mountains related to the Cambodia folk legend of Reach Kol Neang Rum Say Sork.

 5-Boeng Kam Pinh Puoy Resort

Locates between two mountains, named Phnom Kul or Phnom Ta Nget and Phnom Kam Pinh Puoy, at Ta Nget village, Ta Kriem Commune in 35 kilometer distance from the provincial town. Boeng kam Pinh Puoy has 1,900 meter width, 19 kilometer length and can load 110,000,000-cubic meter water.

 6-Sek Sak Resort

Is the natural resort, which has been popular since before the civil war time, Sek Sak stretches along the river bank full of plant, trees and bamboo-green nature in 500 meter length, As long as visiting Sek Sak, tourists can also visit other attractive sites like Po Pus Pich Chen Da Dong Tong and Sa Ang speak, the pre-history site in five kilometer to six kilometer distance from each other. Sek Sak located Treng commune, Rotanak Mondul District in 50 kilometer distance from the provincial town of Battambang along the National Road No 57, the former National Road No 10.

7-Battambang Bamboo Train

More than 20 kilometres from Battambang city, the bamboo train starts near the base of Banan Mountain, on which sits an Angkorian temple, before ending four kilometres down the line in Chhoeuteal commune.

 The tour train service, which was inaugurated late last year, has brought positive outcomes for local people and is set to be busy over Pchum Ben.

 On Wednesday at its station, the bamboo train cars were waiting to be filled, mostly with Cambodians, because it was not a peak season for European visitors.

 The service employs more than 70 personnel, with over thirty Lorries running, and brings benefits to locals who run food outlets nearby.

 Vith Lang, 18, who is both a driver and a conductor, said he is happy with his job.

 “I am a ticket checker and driver and I get $187.50 (750,000 riel) per month,” he said. “I am from Svay Chrum district and have worked here for two months now.”

 “I worked for a restaurant before this and I get a better pay now while the working conditions are also good,” he added while checking passengers’ tickets.

 “There are 36 lorry drivers. This service has been operating for nearly a year now. Most of the workers here are from Battambang province. On weekdays, there are not many passengers but on Saturday and Sunday the Lorries are packed,” he said.

 He said that foreigners mostly use the service at the start of a year.

 Mr Lang said the fare for Cambodian passengers is $2.50 and foreigners have to pay $5.

 A round trip with five to six people takes about 45 minutes and covers a distance of eight kilometers, circling the scenic base of Banan Mountain with stops to allow passengers enough time to snap photos.

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